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The Encinitas Lifesaving Association

Who We Are

At our core, the Encinitas Lifesaving Association is a community of waterpeople. We're lucky enough to work in the waves and play on the beaches of one of the most beautiful places around—San Diego's North County—and we believe that engaging safely with the ocean can be a source of inspiration, positive change, and connectivity for us as both individuals and as a community. 

That's why we're dedicated to making every day a day at the beach, by working to prevent aquatic injuries, accidents, and fatalities. Our members include current and former Encinitas ocean lifeguards, junior lifeguards, and other water-aware community members who are passionate about advancing public education in the areas of water and ocean safety.

We operate as a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization, working in tandem with the Encinitas Department of Marine Safety to support beach safety in North County. We're also proud affiliates of the California Surf Lifesaving Association (CSLSA) and the International Lifesaving Association (ILA).

Our ultimate aim is to equip the whole of our North County community with the skills and education to enjoy our local beaches and ocean as much as we do. 

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